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Social evolution selects for redundancy in bacterial quorum sensing.
Eran Even-Tov, Shira Omer Bendori, Julie Valastyan, Xiaobo Ke, Shaul Pollak, Tasneem Bareia, Ishay Ben-Zion, Bonnie L. Bassler and Avigdor Eldar
PLOS Biology, 14(2): e1002386 (2016)

Facultative cheating supports the co-existence of multiple quorum-sensing pherotypes.
Shaul Pollak, Shira Omer Bendori, Eran Even-Tov, Valeria Lipsman, Tasneem Bareia, Ishay Ben-Zion, Avigdor Eldar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 113(8):2152-7 (2016) (See also a commentary on this work by Pérez-Escudero and Gore on the same journal issue)

The RapP-PhrP quorum sensing system of Bacillus subtilis strain NCIB3610 affect biofilm formation through multiple targets, due to an atypical signal-insensitive allele of RapP.
Bendori Omer Shira, Pollak Shaul, Hizi Dorit, Eldar Avigdor
J. Bacteriol. 197(3): 592-602 (2015)

From Dusk till Dawn: One-Plasmid Systems for Light-Regulated Gene Expression.
Ohlendorf, R., R. Vidavski, Eldar A, Moffat K, Möglich A.
Journal of molecular biology, 416(4): 534-542 (2012)

Macromotives and microbehaviors: the social dimension of bacterial phenotypic variability.
Peter Reuven and Avigdor Eldar (Review)
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 21 (6): 759-767 (2011) Download

Social conflict drives the evolutionary divergence of quorum sensing.
Avigdor Eldar.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 108 (33): 13635-13640 (2011) Download

Previous Publications

RNA-seq reveals cooperative metabolic interactions between two termite-gut spirochete species in co-culture.
Adam Z. Rosenthal, Eric G. Matson, Avigdor Eldar, Jared Leadbetter
The ISME Journal 5, 1133–1142 (2011). 

Functional Roles for Noise in Genetic Circuits.
Avigdor Eldar and Michael Elowitz (Review)
Nature, 467(7312):167-173 (2010). Download

Loss of compartmentalization of σE activity need not prevent formation of spores by Bacillus subtilis.
Vasant K. Chary, Panagiotis Xenopoulos, Avigdor Eldar, Patrick J. Piggot
Journal of Bacteriology, 192: 5616–5624 (2010)

Partial penetrance facilitates developmental evolution in bacteria.
Avigdor Eldar,Vasant K. Chary, Panos Xenopoulos, Michelle E. Fontes,Oliver C. Losón, Jonathan Dworkin, Patrick J. Piggot PJ, Michael B. Elowitz.
Nature, 460(7254):510-4 (2009). Download

Determinants for the Subcellular Localization and Function of a Non-essential SEDS protein.
Gonçalo Real, Allison Fay, Avigdor Eldar, Sérgio M. Pinto, Adriano O. Henriques, and Jonathan Dworkin.
Journal of Bacteriology, 190: 363-376 (2008)

Systems biology: deviations in mating.
Avigdor Eldar and Michael Elowitz (Review)
Nature, 437, 631-2 (2006)

Interpreting clone-mediated perturbations of morphogen profile.
Avigdor Eldar and Naama Barkai
Developmental Biology, 278(1), 203-7 (2005)

Elucidating mechanisms underlying robustness of morphogen gradients.
Avigdor Eldar, Ben-Zion Shilo and Naama Barkai (Review)
current opinion in genetics and development, 14(4), 435-9 (2004)

Self-Enhanced Ligand Degradation Underlies Robustness of Morphogen Gradients.
Avigdor Eldar, Dalia Rosin, Ben-Zion Shilo and Naama Barkai
Developmental Cell, Vol 5, 635-646 (2003)

Robustness of the BMP morphogen gradient in Drosophila embryonic patterning.
Avigdor Eldar, Ruslan Dorfman, Daniel Weiss, Hilary Ashe, Ben-Zion Shilo and Naama Barkai
Nature 419, 304-308 (2002) Download

On the viewing angle dependence of blazar variability.
Avigdor Eldar and Amir Levinson
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society ,314 (3): 641-646 (2000)

What's new?

April 17 - New ERC grant is up and running. Looking for students!!

Dec 16 - Congradulations to Eran Even-Tov, Shira Omer and Shaul Pollak for another publication in PLOS Biology

In this work we use phylogenetic and experimental analysis to characterize the divergence patterns of the Rap-Phr system. Specifically, we show that duplications of the Phr signal mediate specificity transitions.

Dec 16 - We just got our second ERC grant!!

Feb 16 - Congradulations to Eran Even Tov and Shira Omer for their publication in PLOS Biology in collaboration with the Bassler lab

In this work we show how the accumulation of multiple, redundant, quorum-sensing systems depends on the architecture of the systems and on social cheating.

Jan 16 - Congradulation to Shaul Pollak for publishing in PNAS!!

In this work we show experimentally that ComQXP pherotypes undergo negative frequency dependent selection during swarming.






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